Coca Cola ingredients

I’ll have to admit I have no idea whether this is correct, or even close, to the secret of Coca-Cola ingredients. I have no idea where the image came from even, except I lifted it off Jame’s Altucher’s blog – and I know he didn’t create it. The recipe was cited in this article in the UK Telegraph, and completely denied by the Coca-Cola company .(Well, they would, wouldn’t they?)
But, just for fun, let’s pretend that we have the key to Coca-Cola ingredients. Would we want to try this at home?
First off, I’ll admit surprise that alcohol is one ingredient – wonder if it’s rum? The other surprise is how little coca there actually is in the cola. (Though I suppose the more cynical among us might be surprised that there’s any at all.) One dram, for those who aren’t up on obscure units of measurement, is 1/8 of a fluid ounce. And that 1/8 oz. is dispersed in almost 4 gallons of cola. You’re getting about 30-40 times more alcohol than coca, but I don’t care enough to pull out a calculator to check that (and the recipe is a bit confusing on the ratio of the  7X flavor to drink).

Making Coke would be no small venture. You will have to make several gallons of syrup, and use time that could have been better used making beer, or for clipping your toenails. And since this is supposedly an ancient recipe, sugar has been replaced with the cheaper and more heavily subsidized corn syrup.

The other stuff, and the spices sound pretty good though. There was a time when nutmeg oil was of greater value than Manhattan real estate. And it still smells a whole lot better than Manhattan real estate.

My sense is that there’s a good cocktail mix in here somewhere. Rum based.

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