Asken nutritional information by smart phoneA clever new software solution being developed in Japan can now help you to be even more obsessive and neurotic about eating than ever before. It’s called Asken, and it works like this:

Say you are trying to watch your diet, for whatever reason. You like to count calories, as well, because it’s no fun to eat unless you can feel guilty about it at the same time, right? The problem is, you’re out with friends, or at a restaurant, and the restaurant has thoughtlessly forgotten to provide full nutritional information for each dish (as fine restaurants such as McDonald’s do).

What to do? Just eat the delicious meal staring you in the face and hope it doesn’t ruin life? Wouldn’t it be nice to get all the information of nutrition and calories so that you could confirm it’s safe for you to eat, or at least confirm that you should feel guilty while eating it?

Asken’s solution to this problem panders quite well to those who can’t let go of their food phobias and neuroses. ¬†Currently with an interface similar to that in the picture, you simply take your Android, iPhone or other smart phone and snap a picture of your meal before digging in. Before your compatriots have finished off their first dish, Asken will analyze the picture with graphics recognition software, identify each dish in the shot, and report back with a calorie count and nutritional information. It also determines the amount of each item you are about to eat, for more accurate reports.

Now, armed with that info, you can eat with guilt, eat without guilt (you ordered celery sticks and water), or valiantly refuse to eat your meal at all, and instead generously offer it to your more gluttonous friends.

This is all being developed by Sony corporation, a company that once made brilliant audio devices that enhanced our lives. Since then, they’ve lost ground and flipped over to the dark side. This is their latest attempt to sell something that will almost certainly make your life worse. The whole idea behind natural IQ is that your body already tells you what’s good for it and what isn’t. You just need to listen, and so far there’s no software to help there.


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